SU Research Assistants(Aug. 2012 - Present)

Brian J Dobreski (iSchool Ph.D., 2014 Fall - present, on CAN project)
Corey Brian Jackson (iSchool Ph.D., 2014 Summer - present, on Human Library Project)
Huichuan Xia (iSchool Ph.D., 2014 Summer)
Ying Tang (Pyschology Dept Ph.D., 2014 Spring - present, on Emotion Map Project)
Elliot Tan (Princeton University Undergraduate, iSchool 2014 Summer Intern)
Ritu Virendra Joshi (iSchool Masters, 2014 Fall - present)
Cheng Ji (Fayetteville-Manlius High, 2014 Summer Intern, Designer)
Jiahang Xin (EECS Masters, 2014 Summer - present, Developer)
Bijay Bhaskar Deo (EECS Masters, 2014 Summer - present, Developer)
Yanhao Wang (EECS Masters, 2014 Summer - present, Developer)
Jun Mao (EECS Masters, 2014 Summer Intern, Developer)
Ankit Vasa, (iSchool Masters, 2013 Fall - present, Developer & TA)
Ruchika Agicha (iSchool Masters, 2014 Spring, Developer)
Jing Zhu, (iSchool Masters, 2012 Fall- 2014 Spring, TA), first appointment Bloomberg
Rucha Avinash Somani, (iSchool Masters, 2013 Fall - 2014 Spring, Developer)
Yu Sun, (OCC Undergraduate, 2013 Summer Intern - present, Developer)
William Kay, (iSchool Masters, 2013 Fall, Researcher)
Jiaqi Li, (iSchool Masters, 2013 Spring, Developer)
Jingbo Zhang, (iSchool Masters, 2012 Fall, Developer), first appointment Ernst & Young
Qingjie Zhao (iSchool Masters, Developer, Graduated in 2013), first appointment Aerify Media

CMU Research Projects and Individual Studies(2011 - Present)

Terence Nip (2013) - 2014 UIUC Graduate Student
Jonathan Park, Hanzhang Hu, (2011)
John Mathews, Weber Schulz, Michael Quinn, (2012)
Wen-Yu Change, Benjamin Madueme, (2012)
Yufei An (Graduated in 2012)

UCI Graduate Course Projects (2002 - 2008)

Ty Chau,
Luca Clementi,
Sevin Fide,
Malli Machupalli,
Michael Madhukalya,
Daniel Massaguer,
Luis Ortiz,
Brent Stearn,
Alan Tran,
Srinivas Vadlamani,
Bo Xing,
Xing Zheng,

UCI Master's Thesis (2005-2006)

Humeyra T. Altintas


iSchool Graduate Course - IST659: Data Administration Concepts and Database Management
(Fall 2013, Spring 2014, Fall 2014)

IST 659 is an introductory course to database management systems. This course examines data structures, file organizations, concepts and principles of database management s ystems (DBMS); as well as, data analysis, database design, data modeling, database management and database implementation. More specifically, it introduces hierarchical, network and relational data models; entity relationship modeling; basics of Structured Query Language (SQL); data normalization; and database design. Using Microsoft’s Access and SQL Server DBMSs as implementation vehicles, this course provides hands on experience in database design and implementation through assignments, lab exercises and course projects. This course also introduces advanced database concepts such as transaction management and concurrency control, distributed databases, multi-tier client/server architectures, web-based database applications, data warehousing, and NoSQL.

UCI Undergraduate Course - CS122A: Introduction to Data Management
(taught in Winter Quarter 2009)

This course provides students with an introduction to the design of databases and the use of database management systems for applications. We will cover the entity relationship (E/R) approach to database design. We will cover the relational data model, mapping E/R designs to relations, relational design theory, abstract query language such as relational algebra, and programming in SQL. Students will get exposure to how relational database management systems are used to implement a database. Time permitting, we will also consider advanced database management features such as object-oriented and object-relational database systems. This course is aimed at database design and use of database management systems in implementing database applications.